CIS 427

IS Plan/Mgmt | DSU Spr’09

Joe Bartmann, Online Tools, CafePress, and ImageKind

Thanks to Joe Bartmann for providing a really good list of online tools that could be useful to any entrepreneur, in business or the non-profit world. The slideshow (with links!) is available at Slideshare, one of the tools Joe highlighted. (Alas, WordPress seems disinclined to let us embed. Bad WordPress! Good Joe! He shows me the WordPress embed code button! Yahoo!)

We also mentioned CafePress and ImageKind at the beginning of class as examples of entrepreneurs using IT to shake up the value chain. Both services free up idea people to be creative and maybe make some money off their ideas and images while leaving the work of production, logistics, and marketing to other professionals. Pretty cool!

And I forgot to mention: CafePress is a lot more than t-shirts. You can produce mugs, aprons, doggie bowls, even books and CDs! The power of mass production — and just-in-time production! — placed in the hands of the masses. I wonder what Smith and Marx would think of that. I also wonder what you think of that!


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  1. Hot WordPress/Slideshare tip… To embed a Slideshare file in WordPress takes a special WordPress code. You can get it by clicking on the WordPress logo under the show on Slideshare. Hope that helps…

    Comment by joebart | 2009.04.30

  2. Joe! You rule! And WordPress is that much better. Thanks!

    Comment by CA Heidelberger | 2009.04.30

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